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Hope everyone is enjoying the pool. It was a minor miracle that the opening was only delayed a day. Some of you may know this, but our pool contractor, Metro Pool informed us Friday night before the pool was to open that he was understaffed and was not going to be able to open the pool per the contractual date. And he suggested that we contact some other firm. Our Vice President (Rogers Tuck) called a Company (Tripp Construction) that had performed work for us in the past. They agreed to take over the essential services necessary to safety maintain the pool (clean pool and maintain correct chemicals, etc.) Mr. Trip actually worked the Sunday morning, before Memorial Day, performing the necessary services so the pool could open safely Sunday afternoon.

We are independently testing the pool water chemical composition. We take the samples to the Water Hole on a weekly basis. So far, the results have been very good. This is being done as an “extra safety step” only.

Unfortunately, Mr. Tripp only has the manpower to perform the essential services. So, between myself, Rogers Tuck, and Debra Castle, we have helped stock the bathrooms, clean the pool furniture and the pool deck. It appears as if we will be doing this the rest of the pool season.
As previously mentioned, we have added a 911 phone. However, the wireless phone was not working adequately and it is being replaced with a direct wired phone. The modification is underway and should be completely shortly.

We have placed first aid kits in both bathrooms. They are located in the cabinets.

A word of caution - Do not dive into the pool. We are adding additional “No Diving” signs around the pool perimeter. During the Polar Plunge, it was observed that at least two adults dove into the pool. That is very dangerous due to the shallowness of the pool water.
The website password is #1PoolSafetyFirst

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Please see the updated events list under the -EVENTS- tab. Several fun activities have been added.

Don Knotts   - President